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Homeowners Insurance After a Major Renovation or Alteration

If you are planning to make changes to your home or undergo renovations, it is important that you also keep your home insurance in mind. Notify the insurance company ahead of time that you plan to make changes, and how they will affect home's value. By conforming to the requests of the insurance company, you can eliminate the possibility of having a future claim denied. Unless you are a licensed contractor, do not perform the work yourself. Many insurance companies will only provide coverage for work that is done professionally. It may not be a difficult task for you to add on a new room, but the work could be all for naught if your insurance company refuses to extend coverage to the new addition. Take pictures or make videos of the work area before you begin, and maintain a running series of updates as the work progresses. If you are able to document exactly what was used and how the work was done, you will be in a much better position to have a future claimed honored and the damage repaired to the post-construction condition. Keep in mind that the work you have done will affect your insurance premiums. Home insurance is typically based on the square footage of the home as well as its condition and current market value. It is also important to note that improving the home far above the base value of other homes in the area will not necessarily increase your home value. Once the work is complete, take a new home inventory which includes any furnishings you are putting into the new room, or itemizing the alterations you have made. Submit the home inventory to your insurance along with a request to increase the coverage for the new value of the home. Be prepared to negotiate, but you do not have to blindly accept the first offer your insurance company makes. If you are unable to reach a mutual agreement with your insurance company, you do have the right to shop around for a different carrier.